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Let's Meet For A Beer The Podcast: Chef Series

Each week Mark Kondrat and Cam Dobranski talk with world-class chefs across Canada.

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Let's Meet For a Beer Upcoming Episodes

Episode 30 // June 22, 2021

Todd Perrin

Chef Todd is a hardcore east coast chef! Listen in on his take on what happened during the global pandemic and get insight into his the daily life.

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Episode 31 // June 27, 2021

Derek Dammann

Chef Derek hails from the West Coast but rocks out in Montreal. The chef and Owner of top-rated Maison Publique & McKiernan speaks to us of about his struggles and new beginnings.

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Episode 32 // July 4, 2021

Christine Sandford

Executive Chef of Biera in Edmonton, Christine knows what it takes to pair food with beer, run a fast passed kitchen & her pandemic struggles and what it takes to preserver.

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Episode 33 // July 11, 2021

Paul Rogalski

Chef/Owner of the world-renowned Rouge Restaurant in Calgary, a TV personality and all-around good guy. Find out how he does it.

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Episode 34 // July 18, 2021

James Holmes

With aspirations of becoming a cop to being Kelowna’s badass chef, listen to Chef James journey to becoming top of the food chain in the Okanogan.

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Episode 35 // July 25, 2021

Nicole Gomes

She loves chicken, is Canadas Top Chef, knows business & tells it like it is. No holds barred... tune into this great conversation.

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