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November 13, 2023 3 min read

From Mechanic Wear to Restaurant Wear to Every'wear'

In the realm of workwear, the classic "mechanic shirt" has transcended its origins and emerged as a versatile garment that caters to a variety of industries beyond the automotive and manufacturing world.

Restaurants: The New Chef Jacket

The Medium Rare Mechanic Shirt is a lightweight poly-cotton blend designed for durability with a structured fit and breathability. So, it can take the heat of the kitchen while still offering unmatched comfort.

While Medium Rare has been making the mechanic a staple in restaurants, its adaptability extends far beyond the kitchen too. We sent out our very own Production Manager, Esteban, to test our Mechanic Shirt in a variety of industries and work spaces.

Auto mechanic shirt

Auto Mechanics: Workwear That Works

Perhaps the OGs of the mechanic shirt, auto mechanics often contend with tough, dirty jobs. The permanent press material with stain release technology ensures that stains are no match for this shirt. Its 65/35 poly-cotton blend provides the strength needed in the garage, while the lightweight fabric keeps mechanics cool under the hood.

Construction: Staying Cool Under Pressure

Even in the construction industry, the Mechanic Shirt has found a place. Its breathable fabric keeps workers cool in the heat, and the structured fit allows for ease of movement while ensuring a professional look on the job site.

Warehouse Workers: Lifting the Load

Warehouses demand efficiency and comfort in work attire. The Mechanic Shirt offers both, thanks to its durable fabric and thoughtful design. With the dual chest pockets and pen pocket, it's a practical choice for those working tirelessly to keep operations running smoothly.

Barber Shops: Keeping It Stylish

Barbers need workwear that blends style with functionality. The Mechanic Shirt's sleek short sleeves and comfortable fit make it an excellent choice for barbers who want to look good while working. It's perfect for maintaining that professional appearance while providing mobility during haircuts and shaves.

Barber work attire
Bar and brewery workwear

Brewery and Bar Staff: Handling the Hops

Working in a brewery or bar is fast-paced, and employees need workwear that can keep up. The Mechanic Shirt is perfect for staff stocking the bar back, running errands, or even sharing a well-deserved beer with colleagues after a busy shift.

Tradespeople: Mastering the Craft

From electricians to plumbers, landscapers and HVAC techs, the Mechanic shirt is not only functional, but with added custom embrodiered name drops and company logos it keeps eveyrone looking stylish and professional.  

General Retail: The All-Purpose Choice

Retail employees frequently shift between tasks, from stocking shelves to assisting customers. The Mechanic Shirt's adaptability ensures retail workers can seamlessly transition between responsibilities while looking sharp and professional throughout the day.


The Medium Rare Mechanic Shirt, once exclusively associated with the restaurant industry, has proven itself to be a versatile workwear essential across various professions. Its blend of style, comfort, and durability makes it the go-to choice for those who demand more from their work attire.

Work shirt for general retail

Whether you're a barber, mechanic, tattoo artist, bartender, or work in another field, the Mechanic Shirt is the perfect addition to your work wardrobe. With a range of sizes and colours available, you can find the right fit and style to suit your profession and personal taste.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable workwear, and embrace the adaptability and style of the Mechanic Shirt by Medium Rare.