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Custom Aprons

Outfit your crew in a custom Medium Rare apron that's all your own.

Don't let others define you.

With our custom apron program, you create a signature look that’s made-to-order in 4 simple steps. From cool and utilitarian to edgy and bold - the possibilities are almost endless.

Our team of designers work with you from concept to delivered product.

After you've made your selections, we send you a digital mock-up of your design to review. Once it's perfect, the cloth cutting begins and your custom order is shipped directly to you in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

It’s fast. It’s exclusive. It’s affordable.


Pick Your Style

Here's the long and short of it: do you want bib or waist?

Bib-style aprons offer full coverage from top to bottom and are the workhorse of industry apparel. Trusted for the demands of your back-of-house heroes yet stylish enough to serve even the swankiest cocktail. Contrast that with waist-style aprons that focus on covering just the essentials from—yep, you guessed it— the waist down. The waist apron offers maximum flexibility, fashion and function.


Choose Your Threads

Fabric plays a dual role in creating style and function. With our fabrics you get the aesthetic you crave without compromising the performance you need. Whether your focus is on breathability, comfort, mobility, durability we have a fabric to meet the demand. Choose from an assortment of colours in a range of materials such as polycotton, cotton, raw denim and canvas.


Upgrades and Finishing

Add it here. Want to add contrasting embroidery? Again, right here. Ready to bedazzle your creation with sequins and glitter? Sorry, not here. Rhinestones aside, let your creativity guide you. Leather straps, antique brass hardware, pockets and embroideryare just a few of the options available to choose from.


Add Your Brand

Promote your business, unify your team and build customer recognition. Do all this and more simply by adding your logo, business name, or sloganto your apron design. You built it, now put your stamp on it. Various placement options and sizes are available.

Did you know Medium Rare can also create other custom items? Order hats, t-shirts, chef jackets, mechanics or anything else you need to help your team look their best!

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