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Our Story

Over a decade ago, we were two hard-working chefs, Andrew Dallman and Cam Dobranski, who looked like they spent more time under the hood of a car, than in the kitchen. Clad in drab, uncomfortable and shapeless uniforms we didn’t just look bad, we felt it. For an industry focused on presentation, it seemed chef apparel had missed the mark. That’s when we realized, we we’re cut from a different cloth.

We don’t serve bland. So why should we wear it. Tired of the standard fare, we set out to create a line of culinary apparel we actually wanted to wear. 

We started in 2008 with premium aprons and functional kitchen gear built to reflect the dedication, resilience and lifestyle of the people who wear them. The thoughtful durability of our products was hard to contain, resulting in Medium Rare finding its way into countless back yards, studios, garages, salons, shops and other unique spaces where people are hungry for quality, creativity and style.

Today, Medium Rare is made for anyone who is carving out a place for themselves in the world. We are only as strong as our weakest stitch, so we will make sure that our minimum level of quality control always exceeds every competitor we’re up against. From top chefs to aspiring hobbyists across every creative pursuit, professional field and personal interest, Medium Rare is made to help everyone make it better. 

Because, no matter what you love to make, sell or do, we’ve got your back — but mostly your front.

👊 Cam & Andrew