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Our Story

A decade ago, we were two hard-working chefs who looked like they spent more time under the hood of a car, than in the kitchen. Clad in drab, uncomfortable and shapeless uniforms we didn’t just look bad, we felt it. For an industry focused on presentation, it seemed chef apparel had missed the mark. That’s when we realized, we’re cut from a different cloth.

We don’t serve bland. So why should we wear it.

Tired of the standard fare, we set out to create a line of culinary apparel we actually wanted to wear— durable, high-quality gear with a streetwear aesthetic. Pieces that made us look good and feel good, whether we were in the kitchen, on the floor or at home. It was 2008 and a new look was taking shape. Medium Rare Chef Apparel was born.

And the industry noticed. Today, our gear is worn in kitchens, behind the bar, serving food and hosting guests. We’ve outfitted Iron Chefs, Top Chefs, Wall of Chefs and home chefs. You can find us in chain and family-owned restaurants, in storefronts and online. Hell, we’re even in gardens and soap factories. Wherever hard-working industry folks are, you’ll find us. 

We don’t believe uniforms come with uniformity. Break free and let your creative juices flow.

Cam and Andrew