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October 26, 2023 2 min read

Behind the Scenes:  
Making the Medium Rare Knife Roll 

(aka the brief case of chefs!)  

Just like a good chef knife … dull was not an option!  From the design decisions to fabric choices and sourcing the right leather and grommets, there was a lot of behind the scenes crafting, collaborating and prototyping (not to mention FUN) that went into the making of our knife roll.  

Truly Artisanal 

Our knife bag is hand-crafted! By hand crafted, we mean each bag is locally sewn in Calgary, AB.  On our most recent batch, Cam, our co-founder, punched every rivet and Esteban, our production manager, jumped in to help hammer the grommets!

Machine punching rivets in knife bag  Making knife bag


Fun Features

The grommets aren’t just there to help keep your knives in place!  We also wanted them to add a little extra special detailing.  So, like a perfectly paired dinner, we’ve chosen from antique brass, vintage gunmetal grey and sleek matte black grommets to match the selvedge denim and waxed canvas fabrics.


Cool Collaborations

Knives are sharp and protecting them (and you, while carryCarlos and Caming them) is critical!  So, finding a sturdy, durable but soft premium leather to act as a knife protector was important.  And you just never know when you’ll bump into a leatherworker!  On a rather random trip to Los Angeles, Cam met Carlos while grabbing a beer at a local bar.  Carlos turned out to be a super cool (and very talented) dude, and now, our leather is sourced from some of the most skilled tanners in Mexico.  When Carlos is not collaborating with Medium Rare, check out his company Red Hawk Boots



Our knife roll safely and securely holds up to six 12” chef knives.  Curious about the typical knives you might find in a chef’s roll?  We asked a few chefs about must haves you’ll find in their knife roll:

  • Chef Knife: A must have! Usually around 8” in length with a broad tapering blade.  Chop, slice, dice – this is a go to all-purpose knife.  
  • Paring Knife: This small knife with a pointed tip is essential for the finer and more detailed work like peeling, trimming, coring and seeding.  
  • Oyster Knife: Handy to have on hand when shucking good times are ahead. Visit Cook’s Edge for a great selection of oyster shuckers.  
  • Santoku Knife: A Japanese multi-purpose knife with a lightweight blade.  The word Santoku means “3 virtues” and is said to refer to the knives ability to chop, slice or dice or to handle fish, meat or vegetables. Check out our friends at Knifewear for some beautiful Santoku knives.  
  • Custom Knife: A knife can live for generations, so a custom heirloom in your knife roll is pretty special!  If you’re looking to create your own custom knife or kitchen tool, reach out to the Leechtown Blacksmith Co.

Grab your Medium Rare Knife Bag - available in 4 different colours!

Knife bags in four colours