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October 20, 2023 2 min read

Low Down on the New Fall Small Batch Aprons

For those of you who are new to our community, welcome! We are an apparel company in Canada that likes to keep things simple, yet complex, all at the same time ūüėČ

We spend a lot of time perfecting our designs, trying new things, and making sure we are turning out quality products that you feel good wearing.

Our Small Batch Series is no exception. Our small batch line is a unique representation of your requests and our funky attitudes. We scour the industry to get our hands on limited edition or small produced fabrics, that we then use to make some dope designs. A few of our small batch aprons have featured a collab or two with some rad chefs, like our most recent one with Chef Erika Karbelnik (@chefericak).

We generally release trending colour palettes and extremely detailed aprons each season! So if you see something you like, we suggest you act on it.  This Fall we welcomed three new drops, so let’s meet em’.


Nomad Apron




The Nomad Apron

Remind you of anyone...ahem *The Henry*? Quickly becoming a top seller, this apron has everything you love about the Henry apron -  neutral tan canvas, functional pockets, same durability and quality - but now with adjustable navy neck and waist straps.

The Nomad will command the room into any hospitality, kitchen, or workshop scenario.



Tuscan Apron


The Tuscan Apron

The perfect apron for hosting this Fall, whether you are entertaining at home or running your own kitchen. Fully equipped with two beautifully patterned pockets, and an adjustable neck and waist tie, this maroon canvas apron is stylish, durable and most importantly, hides the sauce stains.






Nightshade Apron


And lastly, the Nightshade Apron

A beautiful balance between boldness and whimsy, this apron is eye-catching and playful, the perfect apron for in-home or professional projects. The double stitched lap pocket is fitted with three slots, with a complementary chest pocket to hold additional accessories. Whether you are a stylist, mixologist, chef or artist, Nightshade has you covered…literally.