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May 16, 2024 3 min read

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, staying ahead of the game is key. At Medium Rare, we're not just about top-quality chef and work apparel; we're about embracing the bold, the new, and the exciting. Here are some of the hottest trends shaking up the culinary scene in 2024:

Plant-Based Revolution:

Vegetables are no longer sidekicks; they're taking centre stage. This isn’t the first we are seeing of this, in fact this has been happening in lots of top tier restaurants for decades. What is now happening is that more and more places are embracing the reality and expanding their plant protein options. We love to see how chefs are getting more creative, and turning plants into star dishes that even hardcore carnivores can't resist. It's all about cooking with an edge, and our gear is made to match that spirit.

Experience-Driven Dining:

It's not just about the food; it's about the journey. Immersive dining experiences that engage all senses are on the rise, and our apparel is designed to make chefs and staff part of the show. Again, we have always seen Chef or restaurant collaboration dinners, food and drink pairing evenings, but what is taking the stage more so is pop up dining concepts - especially ones that take over a space that isn’t being utilized during prime times, single ingredient focused dinners, food + activity pairing dinners, and a wide range of price points for diners.

Hybrid Spaces:

As mentioned above, pop up dining concepts and collaborative experiences are taking the industry by storm, and many are happening in hybrid spaces. As an example, brunch and lunch spots are cosigning with cocktail bars and evening concepts in order to maximize the space available, and share a lot of fixed costs. While not widespread yet, we are seeing a strong emphasis on the hybrid space partnerships when a new concept is about to be launched, if a chef or owner/operator wants to diversify, or if there is a prime location being underutilized. With this shift to versatile spaces comes a need for versatile uniforms, garments like our mechanic shirt that function as everthing from a modern chef jacket to barista wear to after work causal shirt vibes.  


Craft Cocktails and Mocktails:

The bar scene is embracing both artisanal concoctions and non-alcoholic mocktails more so than ever. The non-alc scene is booming, and more and more individuals are dabbling in sober-curious behaviours. Bartenders are crafting beverages that cater to all preferences, showcasing their creativity in both realms, and the emerging zero percent products in the beverage industry are slowly becoming stronger and stronger. It is no surprise that having a well rounded menu at your establishment is becoming more and more important to diners across the globe, so if you aren’t embracing this, you should start.

Use of tablet, AI, or Smartphone Ordering:

Gone are the days of paper to pen (or at least seem to be), and in are the days of fully automated processes. More restaurants are adapting AI and smartphone or tablet capabilities with their POS systems, and it is streamlining efficiencies in both front-of-house and back-of-house. Given the investment, this trend is slowlying growing, but there has been tons of positive feedback from owners & operators who have jumped onboard. And lucky for you, our new Medium Rare server pouches come fully equipped with an ipad or tablet pocket right in the front!

What does 2024 look like for you? Whether you are redesigning your menu, shaking up an alcohol free cocktail behind the bar, or working on an alternative concept, Medium Rare has apparel for those who dare to push the limits. Stay sharp, stay stylish, and keep creating with passion.

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