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September 08, 2020 3 min read

You’ve likely said, or at least heard the saying “eat crow,” but what we’d really like to know is if you’ve eaten at EATCROW??? If you haven’t, to say you’re missing out would be an understatement. The team at Medium Rare is particularly excited about the opening of this new Calgary snack bar as it’s the latest stroke of genius by our Co-Owner Chef Cam Dobranski and his wife Jacqueline Warrell. 

Wanna get in on the dirty deets of this new hot spot? Check out our interview with Chef Cam below. 

Can you tell us a bit about your background in the culinary industry and what inspired you to become a chef and restauranteur? 

Cam is an accomplished Chef and Restauranteur. He started working in kitchens as a kid and fast forward 30 years… he’s still at it! His goal was to use his culinary skills to travel the world and do as many cool things as he could. We’d say he’s accomplished his goal! 

Cam trained in Switzerland, worked and lived part time in China developing a plate-ware line (check out Spirit Wares if you haven’t already) designed an Ultra Lounge in Beijing, trained individuals in China on how to cook Western food. He also flew to Mumbai, India with fellow chef Darren Maclean to help him with a dinner along side famous Indian Chef Aminder Sandu.. He now finds himself spending his time mentoring young cooks while keeping an eye out for opportunities in the industry. 

What inspired you to open EATCROW? 

EATCROW Snack Bar was formerly Cam and Jacqueline’s restaurant Brasserie Kensington - a popular and loved locale for simple comfort food in Calgary. As the economy, and dining as a whole, began to change, Cam and Jacq saw an opportunity to change with it. They were tired of the French food concept and wanted to venture into something that excited them and the neighbourhood. This is where EATCROW entered the picture. 

Where does the name EATCROW come from? 

If you look up the saying “Eat Crow,” you’ll find a few different meanings, most of which have to do with humbly admitting to a mistake. What it means to Cam and Jacq, (besides the awesome attitude itconveys) is the humbling feeling of the economic downturn and the realization that they seemed to be eating crow at times themselves.

What type of food and atmosphere can be expected at EATCROW? 

Lively, a bit loud and sometimes politely offside is how Cam describes EATCROW. The food is all in snack form with dietary restriction in mind. You can expect lots of vegan and vegetarian influences in small bite form. 

If you’re looking for amazing cocktails with a California influence, EATCROW will be your new go-to. The cocktail menu is a high level collaboration with one of the top mixologists in California Danny Ronin of DC Spirits. We’d recommend trying everything on the menu ;) 

What’s your favourite Medium Rare apparel? 

Couldn’t help it… we had to ask this question! 

The EATCROW team is currently rocking out the denim Terranova apron and custom EATCROW t-shirts. They’re also working on designing custom hats, so look out for those bad boys when you stop in for a snack and drink! 


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