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December 12, 2023 3 min read

Medium Rare's Gift Guide to
The Best Holiday Gifts 2023

As we step into the holiday season, we've always brought you our much-anticipated Holiday Gift Guide, offering a well-curated selection of items perfect for the hospitable, hard working, and host in your life!

This year, we're also bringing you a holiday gift blog featuring an array of popular and trendy gifts that have been repeatedly praised and sought after. The lineup includes functional, high-quality, and stylish gear from yours truly, as well as fun, local, and unique gifts from retailers across Canada! These items and experiences have received rave reviews from our team and others, and we are excited to share!


For the chef who values both functionality and style, the Medium Rare Knife Bag stands out as a practical yet elegant choice. It's not just an accessory, but a statement piece that reflects the chef's dedication to their craft.

Couple this with a selection from the range of aprons - be it the small batch series for that unique touch or other stylish options - and you have a gift that combines utility with a flair for design.

And to complement your bag, we strongly recommend shopping at our pals fromCooks Edge! They have a huge variety of chef tools including scissors, knives, tweezers and more! Here are some personal favourites are: microplane, Kukn pairing knife, quickread digital thermometer, and wooden gnocchi pasta board.


We understand the importance of choice and flexibility in gifting, and we ALL have that friend or family member out there that is very…choosy on their items 😉, so why not make it easy on yourself and get them a gift card so they can choose! Gift cards are available online, making them excellent stocking stuffers or for those who prefer to select their own gear.

Alongside Medium Rare e-cards, we suggest giving the gift of a good dining experience, and we LOVE these incredible gems - they are great for date nights, cocktails, and dinners out (and they look great in Medium Rare gear)!

Henry’s Restaurant & Wine Bar (Toronto, ON)

Arabella Park Beer Bar (Kitchener, ON)

Lulu Bar (Calgary, AB and Toronto, ON)

Iron Tavern (Sacremento or Folsom, CA)


Medium Rare has some great stocking stuffers ideas for under $50! Ourtasting spoons are great for those who love to cook or craft cocktails, and our popularBaker Series Kids aprons(available in 6 colours!) are perfect for the aspiring baker in your life! (plus you can get the matching adult version 😉)

We are lucky enough to have a ton of Medium Rare partners who also offer INCREDIBLE stocking stuffers and other holiday favourite gift giving options, so make sure you also check out:

  • Rocky Mountain Soap Company for natural soaps, and aromatic body care products. We particularly love Vanilla Candy Cane and Rosemary Mint scents!
  • Leechtown Blacksmith creates culinary tools and cookware to enhance your connection with food, and truly has one of the best hand crafted pans you will ever find! This is a great gift for the cook in your life!
  • Whether they’re a caffeine fiend or decaf friendly - grab a bag of premium coffee or espresso beans from our pals atPhil & Sebastian orBetter Buzz.
  • And…who doesn’t love cheese? Our pals atLittle Qualicum Cheeseworks offers artisan cheeses and other delectable nibbles that are perfect for hostess gifts, holiday cocktails & celebrations!


Timing is crucial for holiday shopping, we make it easy to plan your purchases with a clear cut-off date. Remember to place your national orders by December 14 to ensure timely delivery for the holidays​​. Our shipping policy ensures that all in-stock items are dispatched swiftly, providing peace of mind that your gifts will arrive on time.

Our offerings extend beyond the kitchen - like our mechanic shirts, Henry or Nomad aprons are perfect makers of all types, and everyday wear. These items are top-rated for their durability, flexibility, efficiency, and style, making them ideal gifts for a diverse audience​​ - from chefs to hairstylists to tattoo artists.

So whether you're shopping for a budding cook, a seasoned chef, or someone who appreciates quality and style in their workwear, our Holiday Gift Guide offers a ton of options that cater to a wide range of preferences and needs. With a focus on quality, style, and functionality, these gifts are sure to bring joy and utility to your loved ones this holiday season!