Into The Fire

Fire warms us. It feeds us. It’s in our bellies. Two chefs, Andrew and Cam, conceived Medium Rare in the heat of a restaurant kitchen back in 2008. They were tired of shapeless and uncomfortable kitchen uniforms and recognized their peers – a new generation of indie chefs – were, too. When they decided to jump out of the sauté pan and into the fire of a new business venture, Medium Rare Chef Apparel was born.

At the same time, food was finally becoming part of a much larger conversation in North America. Farm to table, nose to tail, eating and drinking local, backyard smoking; there was a revolution happening around food and Medium Rare
was in the thick of it.

Our first customers were local chefs, drawn to our chef coats, aprons and other gear by its quality and our rebellious style. Today we’re in restaurants everywhere. You’ll also find us in home kitchens, at BBQ competitions and around the backyard grill, wherever people are driven to take raw ingredients and make something exceptional.

So pull up a chair. If you care about food and food culture, there’s always a place for you around our fire.